Friday, May 16, 2003

My dad just went to Americ...he'll be going there for two things.
-to receive a medal of honor or somekind of apreciation medal for soethiing he's done and to checkout the univercity I'll be going to
Before he left, he gave me a new watch! yeah! I lost mine 2 weeks ago .During dinner, he asked me 'john,wheres your watch?" I told him it was lost and he was like.." oh...okay".two weeks later, while my brothers and I was out at Karate trainig at the Dojo,my da said to my mum " let go get John's watch. It cost...Rm150. Really great lookin watch!
And what? He passed me his honda civic car key...and asked me to take care of it.Now he's left for this a sign? I dont want to think of what it might mean. Im very happy though. I'm thinkin of spraying the car metalic blue and the hood black. eehe
I'm not brraggin.Just that I'm real happy and I want to share it with you guys.

Exams are starting next week...17 to 21st.I hope to do better this time. Like i said, last test was not that errmm...satisfactury.I vow to work 3x harder for my next exam.

About the new template, I think I am able to finish it after the exam- hopefully. Okayie! Gota go get some early sleep! I'm going for a drive tomorrow early in the morning!

Friday, March 21, 2003